a little history ...

Penfield Homestead Museum

In 1962, the extended Penfield Family completed acquisition
of the Penfield Homestead and
deeded it over to the new Penfield Foundation board.
Incorporated in 1967 as a non-profit organization,
it began preservation work on the Homestead
and other related structures, including the foundations
at the site of the old Crown Point Iron Company.

In 1974, the entire hamlet of Ironville earned the designation of
Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places.
Ironville is known as the “Birthplace of the Electrical Age”
due to Allen Penfield’s industrial use of
Joseph Henry’s invention – the electro-magnet.

The Museum properties now include the Homestead,
the Parsonage, the former 2nd Congregational Church,
the former Penfield farm and barns,
the mill pond and ironworks’ foundations along Putnam Creek.

The mission statement of the Penfield Homestead Museum is
“Crown Point – People and History”.
We are carrying out this work by preserving and protecting
the historic landscape, hamlet and homestead,
associated with its mid 19th century American
civic, cultural and industrial history.

Our archive and research collection includes
many one-of-kind artifacts
on topics ranging from local genealogy to
the long forgotten mining community of Hammondville.

We encourage you and your family to visit
Penfield Homestead Museum.


This volume of recipes has been
updated to 21st century measurements,
ingredients and instructions.
We have kept the original
autographs and artwork.
Each cook has a short bio
when information was available.
This is a rare collection and
our thanks go out to
all who worked on
this PHM publication.


Penfield Homestead Museum
is now closed for the season.

Thank you
to all our neighbors and friends
who visited during 2017,
volunteered or supported us
with a pan of beans, dessert
or a pot of chili.
We hope to see you in 2018 …
and a bring a friend or two!

Our Walking Tour and the CATS trail
are available during daylight hours.
Our Research Center is open
Tuesdays and Thursday.
Please call us at 518-597-3804
if you need a special appointment.


In 2017 we are continuing work
with two more projects –
construction of the water-wheel
and the forge fire pits.
This project would not have been
possible without
Charles Harrington,
Crown Point Supervisor,
Essex County Board of Supervisors.
Our thanks go Morris Glenn,
the DuShane Brothers and
Lakes to Locks Passage.