Genealogy Items Held On-Site

This is a partial list which may be updated from time to time,
for more information about what we have on site please call the museum.

The Penfield Foundation

703 Creek Rd
Crown Point, NY 12928
(518) 597-3804

Library available by appointment during off season. Donation is requested to help cover administrative costs.

The Research Library includes ~

Cemetery lists

The Penfield Foundation has on site most of the cemetery listings from Crown Point and from some surrounding areas, where Crown Point residents are buried. Most of the lists were compiled during the 1970s and have recently been put on computer at the Penfield Homestead Museum. Searches for your ancestors can be done by sending in a completed genealogy request form and the proper payment.

Surname Files - This is a listing of the Surname files we have on site. Some files are quite large (ex. Dudley includes 5 bound volumes) others may contain only one or two items. Information is available by submitting a completed Genealogy Request Form and a $30 fee to cover research costs.


Abare, Abaire, Abbey, Abby, Abbie, Abbott, Abel, Abood, Abrahamovich, Abrams, Acker, Ackerman, Acome, Adams, Adamson, Adgate, Adkins, Agan, Agnew, Ahlform, Ahl, Aiken, Ainsworth, Aitner, Akins, Albee, Albert, Albright, Alden, Aldrich, Alexander, Alford, Alger, Allard, Alladin, Allen, Alma, Alphonse, Alverson, Altheiser, Alteri, Alvord, Alvori, Ame, Ames, Amy, Anano, Anauo, Anderholm, Anderson, Andre, Andrews, Andrus, Angell, Angley, Angus, Annis, Anshewitz, Anson, Anstett, Aragon, Arbuckle, Archambeault, Archer, Argot, Ariel, Armas, Armor, Armstead, Armstrong, Arno, Arnold, Arthur, Ashe, Ashline, Ask, Atherton, Athey, Atkins, Atkinson, Atwater, Atwell, Atwood, Aubin, Audre, Auchman, Austin, Averill, Avery, Ayer(s), Azer


Babbett, Babcock, Backus, Bacon, Backman, Bader, Badke, Bagley, Bailey, Bain, Baird, Bairree, Baker, Balcom, Balding, Baldwin, Balen, Balow, Ball, Ballou, Balue, Balsley, Balswin, Baltz, Banar, Banatt, Bannett, Bannin, Banker, Barber, Bard, Barlois, Barlow, Baltett, Barnaby, Barnard, Barnes, Barker, Barnett, Barney, Barning, Barnum, Baroodi, Barot, Barre, Barrett, Barr, Barrington, Barror, Barry, Barrows, Barry, Barse, Barstell, Barstett, Bartlett, Bartlme, Barton, Bartholomew, Bascomb, Bashaw, Baskervill, Bason, Bass, Bassett, Batchelder, Bates, Baudin, Bauer, Baxter, Bayenton, Bazee, Basicki, Beach, Beadnell, Beahan, Bean, Beardsley, Bearney, Beaudin, Beaumont, Beauregard, Bearse, Beatty, Beaudry, Bechand, Bechard, Bechtold, Beck, Becker, Beckwith, Beebe, Beeden, Beedle, Beeman, Beer, Beers, Beesaw, Begnouche, Begor, Beha, Beha, Behaw, Beirne, Belair, Belanger, Belden, Belgard, Beliveau, Bell, Bellamy, Belleville, Bellou, Bellows, Belmar, Belmore, Belote, Ben, Bemis, Bender, Benedict, Benedetti, Beneto, Bengstein, Bengtson, Beham, Benis, Benjamin, Benko, Bennett, Benoite, Benouche, Benson, Bentley, Benware, Benway, Beran, Beredsye, Bergin, Bermah, Bernette, Bernstein, Berrins, Berry, Bertrand, Berube, Besaw, Bessette, Bessey, Best, Bestor, Beswick, Betite, Betts, Bevilaqua, Bevins, Bevry, Bezio, Bezon, Bias, Bibby, Bickford, Bienvenue, Bigaloni, Bigelbach, Bigelow, Biker, Bill, Billings, Binan, Bingham, Birch, Birchard, Birnbaum, Birney, Birt, Bischoff, Biscombe, Bishop, Bissell, Black, Blackman, Blackmer, Blair, Blaise, Blake, Blakley, Blanchard, Blanchette, Blanton, Bieth, Blinn, Bliss, Blodgett, Blomstran, Blood, Bloomfield, Blossom, Blowers, Bly, Boardman, Bobbie, Bodette, Bodin, Bodzek, Bodzinski, Bogle, Bogue, Boice, Bola, Boland, Bolden, Boldoc, Bolton, Bombard, Bonazzoli, Bond, Bondgren, Bonestead, Bonin, Bonner, Boodrye, Booker, Books, Bookstaver, Boomer, Boomhower, Booth, Bora, Bordeau, Borden, Bordman, Boardman, Boroff, Borst, Borton, Boseworth, Bosley, Bostwick, Boswait, Bothom, Botsford, Bouchard, Boucher, Boudin, Boudreau, Bougor, Boule, Bourdon, Bourgeois, Bousquet, Bovee, Bowen, Bowers, Bowles, Boyce, Boyd, Boyden, Boyea, Boylan, Boyle, Boynton, Brace, Bradford, Bradish, Bradley, Bradshaw, Brady, Bragg, Brain, Braisted, Braley, Bramble, Brandt, Brankman, Brannock, Brassard, Brasted, Brathwood, Braun, Brawster, Bray, Brayley, Brayman, Brayton, Breault, Bree, Breed, Breen, Brean, Breeyear, Brennan, Bresnaham, Breitenbach, Brevoort, Brewer, Brewster, Brezee, Bridges, Brien, Briggs, Brigham, Bright, Brighton, Brinamour, Brintnell, Bristol, Brittelle, Brock, Brockney, Broder, Broe, Bromley, Bronson, Brooks, Broughton, Brousseau, Brow, Brown, Bownell, Broyley, Bruce, Bruffee, Brunelle, Bruno, Bruso, Bryan, Bryant, Bryden, Brydon, Bubb, Buchalter, Buck, Buckland, Buckley, Buckman, Budro, Budwick, Bugbee, Busbel, Buel, Bulger, Bull, Bullard, Bullman, Bullock, Bump, Bunion, Bunker, Bunnell, Burbank, Burchard, Burdeau, Burditt, Burdick, Burell, Burge, Burger, Burgeson, Burgess, Burgey, Burhart, Burke, Burkette, Burkhart, Burleigh, Burlingame, Burlow, Burnett, Burnham, Burno, Burns, Buro, Burpee, Burr, Burrass, Burrill, Burris, Burroughs, Burrows, Burt, Burton, Burwell, Burzee, Busbee, Bush, Bushman, Bushnell, Bushwill, Butler, Butronovich, Buttinski, Butterfield, Byam, Byington, Byron

Cadar, Cadmus, Cadwell, Cady, Cafsuu, Cahill, Calabrese, Calamari, Caldwell, Calkins, Call, Callihan, Callockio, Calvin, Cameron, Camfield, Camp, Campbell, Campney, Canaback, Canada, Canfield, Cannon, Capen, Caplan, Canvap, Capron, Caprood, Capuano, Caramia, Cardinal, Carey, Carlisle, Carlozzi, Carlson, Carnecki, Carner, Carney, Carpenter, Carr, Carrier, Carrino, Carroll, Carrow, Carson, Carter, Carver, Cary, Case, Casey, Cashmore, Caska, Cassell-Castle, Cassino, Castle, Catanzarita, Catlin, Catone, Cauf, Cauley, Cawley, Caza, Cimbalski, Center, Chaab, Chaffee, Chaille-long, Chamberlain, Champagne, Champion, Chandler, Chaney, Chapin, Chapleau, Chapman, Chappell, Charboneau, Charles, Charlotte, Charlton, Chase, Chatfield, Cheeseman, Chellis, Challis, Chillis, Chelson, Chely, Chenesky, Cheney, Chester, Chesney, Chiappalone, Chilcott, Childs, Childers, Chillson, Chioffi, Chiotte, Chipman, Chitty, Choiniere, Chobe, Christian, Chubb, Church, Churchill, Cifrian, Cilly, Cioppa, Clancy, Clare, Clark, Clarke, Clay, Clayton, Cleveland, Cleland, Clements, Clements, Clemons, Clifton, Cline, Clodgo, Clough, Cloutier, Clune, Clute, Clyne, Coates, Cobb, Cobin, Coburn, Cocoran, Cockran, Cody, Coffey, Coffin, Cogan, Coggin, Cogswell, Cohan, Colarussa, Colburn, Colby, Cole, Coley, Colger, Coll, Collier, Colins, Collis, Coleman, Colta, Colonie, Coltey, Colvin, Comeau, Comes, Comings, Comite, Compton, Comstock, Conant, Conat, Condon, Conklin, Conley, Conlon, Conlow, Conn, Connally, Conner, Connery, Connors, Conway, Conroe, Conron, Considine, Constine, Contois, Converse-Nichols, Conway, Conwill, Cook, Cooke, Coolige, Coolighe, Cooley, Coon, Cooney, Coonrod, Coonsy, Cooper, Coplois, Corbo, Cork,Cormier, Cornell, Corneille, Cornish, Cornwell, Corpron, Corrow, Corteliau, Cortland, Corwin, Cosgrove, Cossey, Costello, Cotie, Coti, Coty, Cotter, Coughlin, Coughton, Coulson, Council, Courcy, Courrier, Coursey, Courson, Courtney, Courtis, Courtwright, Cousins, Coutware, Covell, Coveney, Covey, Cowler, Cox, Cozzy, Crabbs, Crabill, Crabtree, Crafor, Cragg, Craig, Cram, Cramer, Crammond, Crandall, Crane, Crannell, Cratty, Craw, Crawford, Crear, Crescenzi, Crocket, Cronan, Cronin, Cronkite, Crooker, Cross, Crossman, Crosson, Croteau, Croto, Crough, Crowe, Crowley, Crowningshield, Cruickshank, Crummie, Cruppin, Cruz, Cubit, Culver, Cumines, Cummings, Cummins, Cummiskey, Cunningham, Cunninghauer, Curran, Curry, Currey, Currier, Curtis, Curvo, Cusack, Cushing, Cushman, Cussie, Cutter, Cutting, Cypher, Cyse


Daby, Dagasino, Daha, Dallahan, Dallaire, Dalton, Daly, Damian, Dancy, Dandurand, Danford, Daniels, Danielson, Danlee, Danzig, Daoust, Darby, Darling, Durling, Darrah, Dart, Dashnaw, Dauberman, Davenport, Davey, David, Davidson, Davie, Davies, D’Avignon, Davis, Dawley, Dawson, Day, Dayton, Deal, Deall, Deacon, Deane, Debarry, Decamp, Decelle, Dechame, Dechau, Decker, Decoste, Dedrick, Deeming, Defayette, Defoi, DeGeorge, Degreff, Degroff, Delaire, Delance, Delaney, DeLano, Delarm, Delia, DeLong, Deloria, Deslauria, DeLorme, Demille, Deming, Demorett, Denesha, Denett, Denio, Denman, Denn, Dennery, Denney, Dennis, Denno, Denoyer, Dense, Densmore, Denton, Depaoli’s, Depoutee, Depoutie, Derby, Deregnau, Deroche, DeRosia, Derwin, Dery, Desautel, Deshan, Deshen, Deshane, DeSimon, Desjadon, Deskin, Desota, Dethlefsen,Detwieller, Deuser, Deushane, Devall, Dever, Devine, DeVito, Devoe, DeVost, Dewey, Dewitt, DeWolf, Dewy, Dexter, Deyo, DeZalia, Diabo, Diamond, Dibble, Dickerson, Dickson, Didware, Diers, Dietz, Digs, Dignan, Dike,Dilloway, Dilno, Dimmick, Dinciaf, Diog, Dion, Dionne, Dipasquale, Dishuo, Dishno, Dixon, Dobbins, Dobbs, Dobee, Doberman, Dobie, Doblin, Dobson, Dodd, Dodge, Dolan, Dolback, Dolbeck, Dole, Doolittle, Doolan, Dollard, Dolly, Dolph, Donah, Donahue, Donald, Donaldson, Donally, Donalson, Donavon, Donihee, Doran, Dorphmiester, Dorr, Dorsett, Dorsey, Dorwin, Doty, Downey, Downing, Donager, Donelby, Donnelly, Donohue, Donhoe, Donough, Donovan, Donscrow, Doosal, Dougal, Dougan, Dougherty, Doughty, Douglass, Dovy, Dowd, Downey, Downes, Downs, Doxstader, Doyle, Doyne, Dracus, Dragan, Dragon, Drake, Dreimiller, Dreaper, Dresser, Drew, Drezewiecki, Drinkwine, Drummond, Dryden, Duane, Dubick, Ducutte, Duchene, Dushane, Duckett, Ducloss, Dudley, Duell, Duesberg, Duesenburg, DuFault, Duffield, Dugan, Duglas, Dukett, Dulin, Dullahan, Dumar, Dumas, Dumond, Dumont, Dunbar, Duncan, Dunkin, Dunklee, Dunkler, Dunlap, Dunlop, Dunn, Dunning, Dunster,Duntley, Dunton, DuPaul, Duprey, Dupuis, Dukuette, Durand, Durgan, Durkee, Durno, Durocher, Durose, DuRoss, Durrand, DuShane, Duskan, Dutton, Duval, Dwinell, Dwinelle, Dwyer, Dygert, Dykstra, Dyon

Eager, Eagle, Estabroke, Eastman, Eaton, Ebersbach, Eddy, Edger, Edgerly, Edgerton, Edison, Edminston, Edmonds, Edson, Edwards, Eek, Egan, Egerton, Eggleston, Eichen, Eisenhower, Eldridge, Elethorpe, Elithorpe, Ellenwood, Ellery, Ellict, Elliott, Elisworth, Ellis, Ellore, Ells, Elthorpe, Ely, Embree, Emery, Emru, Engel, Englehardt, English, Ensign, Erastu, Erickson, Ervese, Eselby, Esperance, Espersen, Estee, Estes, Estey, Etholen, Eubar, Evadne, Evans, Evarts, Everback, Everest, Everett, Evo, Ezzo


Fachette, Fackrel, Facteau, Fairchild, Fairly, Fairwell, Fake, Fallon, Fanning, Fannoff, Fairfield, Farmer, Farnam, Farnham, Farnsworth, Farr, Farrer, Farrell, Farrelly, Farrington, Farris, Farwell, Faucher, Favid, Fay, Fazioli, Fearing, Fee, Feely, Feeney, Feith, Feitshans, Fellioe, Fenner, Fenton, Fenwick, Ferelow, Ferguson, Fernette, Ferrill, Ferrini, Ferris, Fetlock, Field, Fielder, Figueroa, fillioe, Fillmore, Fine, Finely, Finlon, Finn, Finnessey, Finnery, Firlik, Fish, Fisher, Fisk, Fitch, Fitts, Fitzgerald, Fitzsimmons, Flack, Flagg, Flaherty, Flanningan, Flannigen, Fleischer, Flemming, Fleming,Fleury, Flint, Flora, Florio, Floyd, Floor, Flower, Flynn, Fluharty, Fobes, Fogg, Foley, Folger, Folsom, Folts, Fontaine, Foogetti, Foot, Goote, Forbes, Forcier, Ford, Foreman, Forgette, Forsythe, Fortier, Fortin, Fortino, Fortune, Fost, Foster, Fountain, Foule, Fowler, Fox, Foy, Franey, Fraiser, Franklin, Frationni, Fransisco, Frazier, Fregon, Frease, Fredrichson, Freed, Freeland, Freeman, Freiatz, French, Frenette, Frever, Frickel, Frisbee, Frost, Fuller, Fumich, Funk, Furguson, Furman, Furner, Fyvie


Gabler, Gadzow, Gadway, Gage, Gagne, Gagnon, Goullardet, Gajewski, Gale, Galensky, Gallagher, Gallant, Gallo, Galpen, Gallup, Galvin, Gamble, Gander, Gannon, Ganoung, Garnica, Garabedian, Garalczyk, garcia, Gardner, Garfield, Garrison, Garrand, Garrow, Gavey, Gavin, Gary, Gaskin, Gass, Gaston, Gates, Gayger, Gauthier, Gaoutreau, Gavin, Gay, Gayzur, Geake, Geandreau, Geannelis, Gebo, Geh, Geiser, Geisler, Genier, Genninarth, George, Georie, Geraw, Gerkin, Gero, German, Ghellis, Giall, Gibbard, Gibbons, Gibbs, Gibo, Gibson, Giddings, Gifford, Gilbert, Gilbo, Gile, Gilkerson, Gillard, Gill, Gilleo, Gillespie, Gillett, Gillette, Gilligan, Gillis, Gillings, Gilman, Gillison, Gijanto, Gimmler, Ginn, Gipson, Glading, Glantz, Glasser, Glitten, Glazier, Glavin, Gleason, Glebus, Gledden, Glennon, Glynn, Gordon, Glidden, Glies, Glitten, Glitton, Gload, Godfrey, Godsey, Goetz, Goff, Goralczyk, Goggins, Gobey, Gold, Golden, Golod, Goldsbarry, Goldsmith, Golembeck, Gonia, Gonio, Gonra, Gonyeau, Gonyez, Gonyo, Good, Goodale, Gooding, Googie, Goodnow, Goodrich, Goodsell, Goodspeed, Goot, Gordon, Goss, Gorman, Gough, Could, Goulet, Gool, Gooshaw, Gori, Gorman, Gorham, Gossing, Graham, Gramm, Granbacka, Grandy, Granelle, Granger, Grant, Graslin, Gravelle, Graves, Gravel, Grey, Greeley, Green, Greene, Greenough, Greenwood, Greer, Gregg, Grederick, Grehgwick, Grees, Gregoire, Gregory, Greiman, Grey, Griffen, Griggs, Grimes, Grinnell, Grinelle, Griscal, Griswell, Griswol, Griswold, Groff, Gronouski, Groom, Groovenor, Groshans, Grosraner, Gournd, Griffen, Griggs, Groves, Guardyak, Gudikunst, Gute, Guiry, Gumlaw, Gunning, Gunnison, Gurein, Gurkin, Guthell, Gutieriez, Guyette

Haberland, Hack, Hacunda, Hadgmac, Hadley, Haefe, Hagar, Hager, Hagin, Hahn, Hahner, Hadaway, Haile, Halaburda, Haldenby, Hale, Haley, Hall, Hallenback, Halloren, Hallock, Halpert, Halpin, Halteron, Hammann, Hamelon, Hamilton, Hammell, Hammer, Hammett, Hammit, Hammond, Hamner, Hample, Hamms, Hanchett, Hancock, Hand, Handy, Hanley, Hanna, Hannah, Hanrow, Hanson, Haran, Harbour, Hard, Harden, Hardy, Hare, Hargett, Harkness, Harland, Harnden, Harndon, Harney, Harold, Harper, Harpp, Harran, Harragan, Harriman, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Hart, Hartley, Hartman, Hartwell, Harvey, Harvley, Harwood, Hascall, Hascomb, Haskins, Hasting, Hatch, Hathon, Hauley, Hauverlly, Havens, Hawley, Hawkins, Hawkinson, Haxen, Hay, Hayes, Hayford, Haynes, Hays, Hayward, Haywood, Hazen, Hazzard, Heagen, Heald, Healy, Heath, Heaton, Hebert, Hedding, Heggett, Heith, Heilsic, Heismyer, Heller, Helms, Helton, Hemmett, Hemmingway, Hendee, Henecke, Henderson, Hendrix, Hennessey, Heninon, Henrick, Henrrick, Herriman, Henry, Hent,Henze, Heppean, Hepplare, Hepburn, Herbert, Herbst, Herminie, Herne, Hero, Hervey, Herrick, Huestis, Hewitt, Hewson, Hickock, Hickox, Hix, Hickey, Hickok, Hier, Higby, Higgens, High, Hildebrandt, Hildreth, Hill, Hillegand, Hilliard, Hillman, Hims, Hinckley, Hines, Hinick, Hinkley, Hippeau, Hirsch, Hirth, Hitt, Hoadley, Hobbs, Hobday, Hobdon, Hocking, Hodgeman, Hodges, Hodgkins, Hodgson, Hoffman, Hoffnagle, Hogan, Hogle, Houghspain, Holbrook, Holcomb, Holcombe, Hohl, Holden, Holebut, Holget, Holland, Hollister, Holbrook, Holley, Hollingsworth, Holm, Holmberg, Holman, Hollsworth, Holmes, Holt, Honey, Hong, Honsinger, Hood, Hoody, Hook, Hooper, Hoops, Hopkins, Hopwood, Hopper, Hoover, Horris, Hortlep, Horton, Hoscall, Hoskins, Hourbon, Hough, Houghton, House, Housinger, Houran, Hovendon, Howard, Howe, Hoy, Hoyt, Hosley, Houk, Howland, Hubbard, Hubner, Huchron, Huckley, Hudon, Hudson, Hudowalski, Huestis, Huff, Hughes, Hulburt, Hummel, Humphreville, Humphry, Hunsdon, Hundson, Hunt, Hunter, Huntington, Huntley, Hurlburt, Hurd, Hurley, Husband, Hussey, Hutchinson, Hutchins, Hutis, Huscow, Hyatt, Hyde

Ide, Idle, Imire, Ingales, Ingalls, Ingleston, Ingols, Ingolsee, Ingolsby, Ingram, Inman, Isabell, Irish, Isabel, Iuliano, Ives

Jabot, Jacka, Jackman, Jackson, Jacobs, Jacobson, Jalonack, Jacobus, Jacques, Jacquish, Jaenisch, Jakeway, James, Jankins, Jaquish, Jarvis, Java, Jayslow, Jebb, Jeleff, Jencks, Jenkins, Jeffs, Jenks, Jenner, Jenson, Jerome, Jewett, Johns, Joiner, Jonks, Johnson, Jones, Jordon, Joubert, Joudry, Jourdon, Joyce, Judd, Judge, Judino, Judson, Judway, Jugon, Junus

Kahler, Kailer, Kaintz, Kalansack, Kalinsack, Kalker, Kamyon, Kane, Kaplan, Karkoski, Karnener, Karoski, Karson, Kassel, Kaufman, Kazlo, Kazuk, Keagan, Kean, Keast, Keebler, Kedmenec, Keech, Keefe, Keeley, Keenan, Keith, Kelachaua, Keleman, Keller, Kelley, Kelly, Kellogg, Kelsey, Kemp, Kennedy, Kendretene, Kenbrovin, Kent, Kennison, Kennon, Kent, Kenyon, Keough, Keoley, Kerby, Kerr, Kessler, Ketchum, Kevins, Keyes, Kia, Kichen, Kitter, Kieffer, Kilbourn, Kiely, Kieth, Keley, Killen, Kilmer, Kill, Kilpatrick, Kimball,Kimbark, Kimble, King, Kimpton, Kind, Kingdollar, Kingsbury, Kingsland, Kingsley, Kinne, Kinney, Kipp, Kirby, Kircher, Kiscinski, Kissell, Kissler, Kjellin, Klander, Kline, Kloos, Knake, Knapp, Knauss, Knickerbocker, Kniffen, Knight, Knights, Knof, Knowls, Knowlton, Knocks, Knoble, Koch, Koczur, Kohler, Koktowski, Kolodzy, Kology, Kolysko, Koon, Kopski, Kordziel, Kovalcik, Kowley, Kraetki, Krakes, Kral, Kraetke, Kraft, Krockow, Kroeplin, Kroner, Krysik, Kryston, Kuhl, Kuhn, Kurowski, Kurtz, Kyte

Labatore, Labarge, Labelle, LaBoirerveau, LaBounty, Lacey, LaClair, LaCoe, LaConte, LaConti, LaChance, LaCourse, Ladd, Ladden, Laddon, LaDeau, Ladue, LaDuke, LaFear, LaFave, Laflin, LaFlame, Lafoe, Lafond, LaFountain, LaFoy, LaFranc, LaFrance, LaGoy, LaGrange, Laird, LaGuire, Lahendro, Laiman, Laine, Laing, Lake, LaMar, LaMarque, Lamb, Lambert, Lamberton, Lamerton, Lamica, LaMountain, LaMontagne, Lamour, Lamos, Lamotte, Lamour, Lamoy, Lamplough, Lampman, Lampson, Lamson, Lancastere, Lancor, Landers, Landon, Landry, Lane, Lang, Lange, Langey, Lanicolette, Lanson, Lant, Lantiegne, LaPann, Lape, Lapell, LaPeter, Lapham, Lapier, LaPointe, LaPlante, LaPough, LaPorte, LaPoute, Laquidara, Laribee, Laro, Larock, LaRoe, LaRose, Larrabee, Larribee, Larrow, LaRue, Lasarus, Lasell, Lash, Lashway, Lasher, Lashomb, Lashway, Lasky, Laslow, LaTour, Latrall, Lattrell, Launderville, Laundree, Laundry, Laurence, Lavallee, Lavanway, Laverty, Lavigne, Lavine, Laviolette, Law, LaWare, Lawrence, Lawlizz, Lawson, Lawton, Lazarus, Lazerowitz, Leach, Learning, Leary, Leavens, Leavitt, Lebednik, L’echo, LeClair, Ledger, LeDieu, Ledwich, Lee, Leerkes, Legare, Leggett, Leland, LeMere, Lemon, Lemieux, Lemeux, Lemley, Lender, Lennon, Lennox, Leonard, LePine, Lescinski, Lesperance, Lester, Levens, Letson, Leverett, Levesque, Lewien, Lewis, Leyden, Lezan, Libbey, Libenson, Liberty, Licygiewicz, Liddell, Liddy, Litz, Lietzenmayer, Lighthall, Ligotino, Lillibridge, Lillie, Lilson, Lily, Limmons, Lincoln, Lindberg, Lindley, Lindman, Lindon, Linkledder, Linsey, Linley, Linsteadt, Litchfield, Litson, Little, Littlefield, Lively, Livinston, Lloyd, Lobdell, Lock, Locke, Lockwood, Lodge, Logan, Lonergan, Long, Longacre, Lonergan, Longware, Loomis, Lopez, Lord, Loraine, Lough, Loughran, Loukee, Loukes, Loveland, Loveless, Lowell, Lowy, Lozo, Lucas, Luchet, Lucia, Lucier, Lucha, Lucins, Ludden, Luddington, Luis, Luke, Lushier, Lyford, Lyman, Lynch, Lynn, Lyon, Lytle,

Maaloe, MacArthur, MacAllis, Macaulay, MacAusland, Macbeth, Macintyre, MacDonald, MacDonough, MacDougal, Mace, Macey, MacDuff, Mack, Mackay, Mackemull, Mackenzie, Mackerracher, Macken, Mackey, MacMillan, MacNamara, MackNeill, Macure, MacRae, Macri, Madden, Maderson, Madison, Maffey, Magee, Magoon, Maguire, Mohan, Mahar, Maheu, Mahl, Mahler, Mahoney, Maiolo, Major, Malaney, Malang, Malbon, Malcolm, Male, Malinski, Mallett, Mallman, Mallon, Malone, Maloney, Malpass, Manchester, Mandy, Mane, Manley, Manning, Manor, Mansfield, Manspeed, Manville, Maple, Maranghi, Maranville, Marble, Marbel, Martini, Marcil, Marcoon, Marcott, Marrett, Marrsaw, Marcoux, Marrek, Margaret, Marrick, Marie, Marino, Markwica, Marnell, Maroni, Marrel, Marsant, Marsh, Marsha, Marshall, Martell, Martin, Martindale, Martinez, Mascarelli, Mash, Mason, Masse, Massey, Mastin, Mateik, Mather, Matthews, Mattison, Matika, Matraw, Matuszek, Mauran, Maverick, Maxham, Maxfield, Mayer, Mayham, Maye, Maynard, Mayhood, Mayo, Mayotte, Mayville, Mazurowski, Mazuzan, McAlaster, Mcaleese, McAllister, McAlpine, McAntyre, McArthur, McAuliffe, McAusland, McBride, McCabe, McCambridge, McCan, McCannah, McCarcy, McArthy, McAsland, McArty, MacAusland, McCaughin, McCaughn, McLaughlin, McCauly, McCaw, McCawley, McChanic, McCenthan, McClann, McClean, McClellan, McClenathan, McClintock, McClosky, McClure, McCollon, McConley, McConn, Mccormick, McCourt, McCowin, McCoy, McCurdy, McCure, McCreadie, McCullough, McDermott, McDonald, McDonell, McDonough, McDougal, McDowell, McElroy, McFarland, McFarrin, McGary, McGee, McGuinness, McGinness, McGibbon, McGilton, McGinley, McGinn, McGinty, McGoogin, McGovern, McGowan, McGown, McGowin, McGrath, McGraw, McGrew, McGuire, McHugh, McInnis, McHerd, McHone, McIlhattan, McInthre, McIntyre, McHale, McKay, McKee, McKenzie, McKeown, McKernon, McKimsie, McKiernan, McKinsie, McKinstry, McKown, McLane, McLaughlin, McLaran, McLean, McLelland, McLoughlin, McLymon, McMahon, McMannis, McManing, McMartin, McMeany, McMurtry, McNaley, McNamara, McNanny, McNulty, McNeil, McNelly, McNulty, McNutt, McPeck, McRey, McRory, McVay, McVine, McWerny, McWithey, McWright, Meachem, Mechem, Mecham, Mead, Meadder, Meager, Meagher, Means, Measack, Meech, Meehan, Meigs, Meighan, Meissner, Melon, Melaney, Melden, Meluse, Melvin, Mendelssohn, Menchaca, Menette, Menser, Mercier, Merow, Merchant, Merle, Mercure, Mero, Merritt, Merriam, Merrick, Merriles, Merrells, Merrill, Merritt, Meserve, Messenger Messier, Messing, Metcalfe, Metzger, Meugher, Meyer, Meyjes, Michaels, Michalak, Miclette, Middleton, Miett, Mika, Mildon, Miles, Milham, Millard, Miller, Milles, Millington, Mitchinson, Milton, Minehan, Mingo, Minotti, Mintzer, Miron, Mirch, Mischenko, Mishler, Miner, Mitchell, Mitchely, Mitchinson, Mix, Moffit, Moiex, Molinski, Moller, Molloy, Moncrief, Mone, Monger, Monkofski, Monroe, Monta, Montagnola, Montegue, Montbriand, Montgomery, Montville, Monty, Moody, Moon, Mooney, Moore, More, Morrass, Mordoc, Moreau, Morette, Morgan, Morhouse, Morin, Morett, Moriss, Morrissey, Morrison, Morrow, Morse, Morton, Moses, Moss, Motisher, Mott, Moulds, Mousaw, Moulton, Mouraw, Mousoo, Mousow, Mudgett, Muehleisen, Mueller, Muench, Mulholland, Mullen, Mullin, Mulligan, Mullins, Mulliss, Multey, Mulvey, Munger, Munningham, Munroe, Munson, Munoff, Murch, Murcray, Murdock, Murinem, Muroff, Murphy, Murray, Mushgroor, Music, Musson, Muth, Muto, Mydlarz, Myers, Myette, Myrick, Mystica, Myott

Naile, Nance, Napp, Napier, Nash, Nask, Nason, Natalee, Naughton, Nailer, Neil, Nemand, Neaves, Neddo, Nedeau, Needham, Neggia, Neercure, Neide, Neilson, Nels, Nelson, Nephew, Nerfey, Nesbitt, Neville, Nevins, Newell, Newberry, Newhall, Newland, Newman, Newnham, Newton, Nguyen, Nichols, Nicholds, Nickerson, Nielson, Night, Nisott, Nims, Niptrom, Niro, Nixon, Noble, Noel, Noelette, Nohowic, Nolan, Noon, Northy, Norberry, North, Northy, Northrup, Norton, Notter, Noxon, Noyes, Nulty, Nurnberger, Nutt, Nutter


Oak, Oaks, Oakley, Ober, Oboyle, Obrian, Obryan, Oconner,Oconnor, Odell, Odel, ODonnell, Ofner, Ohallenbaker, Oohara, Okeefe, Olcott, Old, Olden, Oliva, Oliver, Olson,Omara, Olphant, OMalley, Omara, Oniell, Oneal, Oraidy, Orbinson, Orcutt, Oreilly, Orkins, Ormsbee, Ormston,Orourke,Orr, Orton, Osborne, Osgood,Ostrander, Osier, Osmore,Osterwald, Osteyee, Oswald, Ott, Ottonger, Overholser,Owings, Oxford, Ozler

Packard, Packer, Pacquette ,Paquette, Paige, Palmer, Pangborn, Pangburn, Paria, Park ,Parkins, Parks, Parmenter, ,Parmeter, Parneu, Parrott, Parot, Parrow, Paslor, Parsons, Passeno ,Passino, Patneau, Patno, Patnode, Patrickia, Patten, Patton, Patterson, Pattison, Paul ,Paine, Payne, Payling ,Peabody, Peacock, Pearl, Pearson, Pease, Peasley, Peaslie, Pressie, Pecard, Peck, Pecor, Pedley, Peeks ,Pecor, Pedley, Peek, Peters, Peeters, Perkins, Pelcher Pilcher, Pelerin, Pelkey, Pell, Pelruccio, Peltier, Pendell, Pendelton, Penders, Pengrim, Penman, Penfield, Penniman, Pepper, Peppin, Perchinski, Percy, Pereau, Perreault, Peters, Perterson ,Perkins, Petreilla, Petro, Pettit, Petty Phaneuf, Phelps, Phenning, Phillips, Philipe, Phinney,Phipen, Phippin, Picket, Pickhardt, Pierce, Pierce,Pierson, Pigeon, Pike, Pilion,Pilger,Pinchin, Pinchen, Pindar, Platner, Platt,Ploofe, Ploof, Podmore, Poirier, Poissant, Pollock,Poole, Popp, Poro, Porter, Possom, Possum, Post, Postens, Potter, Powell, Powers, Pozzould, Pratt, Prebble Preeble, Pribble Preble, Prentisss, Pressey, Pressie, Preston, Price, Printy, Proctor, Proiette, Prossen, Prouty, Provnick, Provoncha, Provost, Pugh, Pulling, Pulsifer, Pulcypher, Purdy, Putnam, Pyeke, Pyrke, Pyers


Quartmus, Quyeale, Quesnel,Quinn,Quick


Rafferty, Raine, Rain, Ramsey, Rand, Randall, Randolph, Ranne, Raney, Renne,Ramson,Reed, Rodgers, Rogers, Ryan, Rayno, Rauch, Rawley, Rawson, Rayburn, Ray, Rayno, Raymond, Rhodes, Realy, Riel, Recore, Redfield, Redman, Reed, Reese, Reeves, Reid,Reilly,Riley, Reindl, Rinaldi, Teinglinger,Renfrey,Riando,Ribeiro,Rice, Rich, Richards, Richers, Riches, Richman,Richomond, Rickes, Ridgeway, Rieben, Reilley, Rile, Riley, Riely Ryle, Ringer, Riper, Rising, Rivers, Roach, Roark, Robarge,Robb,Roberts, Robbins, Robinson,Robitallie, Roesch, Roseman, Roesman, Rondeau, Rooker, Rooney, Roscole, Root, Roscoria, Ross, Roswell, Rounds, Rowe, Rowley,Roy, Royce,Rulinson, Rumsey, Runnels, Reynolds,Rush, Russell, Rutherford, Ryan,Ryle, Ryder,


Safford, Sage, Salvatore,Sammann, Sampson,Samson, Sandburn, Sanders, Saunders,Sanford, SanSouci, Sargent, Sartell, Sartwell, Sausville, Savage, Saville, Sawyer, Sayers, Sayre, Saxton, Scafe, Schaefer, Schenk,Schermerhorn,Schear, Schneider,Schafield, Schum, Schumm, Schryer, Schwerdtfeger, Scott, Scuderi, Search, Seaman, Searles ,Sears, Sever, Seaver,Segar,Sellingham, Severance, Sexton, Seymour,Schaffer,Shane,Shank, Sharp, Sharpe, Sharrow, Shattuck,Shaw, Shea,Sheehan, Sheldon,Shearer, Shear, Shephard, Sheridan, Sherman, Sherwood, Shores,Silege,Simond, Simmond, Symmonds, Simpson,Simpkins, Sinclaire, Sisson, Skiff, Skinner, Slack, Slade, Slater, Sleater, Sleight, Slight, Smart, Smith, Spaulding, Snell, Snow, Snyder, Soper,Shory, Spanner, Stanley, Stanton, Spear, Spearman, Spellman,Spencer, Speryer, Spier, Spooner, Spoor, Sprague, Spring, Squire, Stacy, Stafford, Stahl, Stalker, St Clair, Stearns, Stebbins, Stedman, Steel,Steen, Stephans, Starling, Sterling, Stern, Stubens, Stevenson, Steward, Stewart, Stiles, Stillwell, St John,Stimpson,Stitt,Stone,Stockwell, Stoddard,Storrs, Storer, Story, Stoughton, Stover,Stowe,Stowell, Stowers,Stowitts, Straight, Staratton, Strausbus, Strong, Sturtefant, Sturtavant, Styles, Suddard, Sullivean,Sumner,Sunderland, Sunderlin, Surprise, Sweetland, Swift, Swinton, Swyner,


Tabor, Taft, Talbot, Tanner, Tarbell, Tario, Tart, Tate, Tay, Taylor, Tebo, Tefula, Tennyash, Tepadino, Thatcher, Thayer, Thibault,Thomas, Thompson, Thorton, Thrasher, Thurber, Tibbets, Timmons, Tinnen, Titus,Tobias, Tobin, Todd,Toris, Tomlinson, Tompkins, Toole, Tormey, Torrence, Tosh, Tower, Tower, Towne, Townsend,Towner, Towns, Townes, Towsley, Tozer, Tracy, Train, Trainer, Trainor, Trask, Trevillian, Tredway, Tremblay,Trimble,Tripp,Tromblee, Trombley,Tucker, Turnell, Turner, Tuthill, Tuttle,Twilliger, Tyrrell


Underhill, Uthoff


Vanatta, Vance, Vancover, Van Mart, Van Servieve(Sinner), Van Tyce, Van Valkenburg, Van Wert, Varmett, Varney, Varno, Vaughan, Venner, Viall, Vickers, Villemore,Vicent, Virgil, Vorace, Votraw


Wacker, Wagner, Waite, Wakefield, Waldo, Walker, Wall, Wallacae, Wallus,Walwrath, Walsh, Walters, Wanvine,Ward, Ware, Warmaz Warmette, Warrarf,Warner, Warren, Wart, Washburn, Wasson, Wayne, Weatherby, Weatherhouse,Weaver, Weatherwax, Webster, Webb, Weed, Weeks,Wells, Weidemier, Weiss, Wesch, Weller, Welton, Wendelll, Wentworth, Werschky, wescott, West, Western, Wetherbee,Wetmore, Whalen, Wheeler, Wilder, Wiley, Wilke, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Willard, Williams,Willis, Wilson, Willson,Whitham, Whiting, Whitlock,Whitmore, Whitney, Wilcox, Whitty, Wicker, Wilbur, Willmarth, Worden file,Whipple, Whitcomb,White, Whitehead, Whitford, Winan, Winn, Winslow, Winters, Witherbee, Wetherbee, Wisell, Woodall, Woodward,Woodbury,Woodruff, Witherall, Wocott, Wolfe, Wood, Woods, Woodworth, Wooster Worchester, Wright, Wynas, Wyman


Yattaw, Yell, Yeoman,Yorke, York, Young, Yumano,


Zelinsky, Zimmerman










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